Works completed in the summer of 2016.


Relief printmaking, silkscreen, photolithography and etching were utilized in the prints made this summer. Prints are organized in chronological order. The prints made earlier in the summer feature relief printmaking techniques of varying complexity. These prints were made while working alongside my students, in order to show them the types of images an artist can build through layered printing, etc. I was excited to be able to make work in print media by finding drawings in my sketchbook and translating them into print form. 

Once my teaching came to a close I dove headfirst into copper plate etching, and was excited to translate my drawn line into deep dark etched line.

As the summer came to a close, I created drawings using spray paint, stencil and reductive marks --- and used these drawings as a basis for photo-lithographic prints. I am excited to continue with these plates I have created and put together a visiting artist workshop at Kansas State University once I travel north.



One of the first things I did in my studio after completing my thesis work was to take a reciprocating saw to my two largest pieces. After chopping them into smaller parts, I began altering them with masking, paint and drawing. The first small finished piece is shown below.

From there I made a series of drawings that I translated into xerox prints for full-page abstract comics, ideally to be used as takeaways in long-distance correspondence with other artists and professionals. 

Over the summer I also completed a short collaborative zine with Brielle Jenkins, the color versions of two of my spreads are included below.


Digital Collage:

Once packing began to climb to the top of my to-do list I began doing digital collage work using scans of my prints and photographs. I am interested in possibly printing these using a large-scale archival inkjet printer, and then adding physical additions of paint, print and drawing mediums.

One of the big things I realized this summer is that my approach to printmaking is image-making, whilst my approach to painting is that of object-building. Having discovered this about myself I am excited to write and think on this to find new avenues for investigation.


I was also involved in a show in town curated by Jessi Hamilton! Everything turned out really really great. Two of my prints were in the show, you can see one of them pictured below. I included a few other snapshots of the show so you could get a feel for the set up.